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Icers Open the 2010-11 Season


After a month of speculation and celebration over the announcement of Varsity ice hockey at Penn State, it was finally time to actually put the sticks on the ice and start playing the good old...

ACHA announces 2011 National Team for World University Games

Back in June, I made note of the Icers I thought would have the best chances of making this team. I'm not sure which players did and did not try out, but Tim O'Brien and Eric Steinour have been named as starters to the team. The Icers have two alternates as well, defensemen Kevin Miller and Dan Petrick. Congrats to the two who made it and the two who might still find their way to Turkey next January.

Icers Update - Summer Edition


In a change of pace from last year, I've decided to increase my summer workouts to keep up with my Icers writing abilities. My workouts also include a lot of beer drinking, but hey, when in Rome...

Icers Do Some Earlier-Than-Expected Planning for Next Season


Because it's moping week here at BSD...   After a week to recoup (and a few days to find the time to write), I've finally gotten around to writing the final recap for the Icers. It was a solid...

Icers Look to Build Momentum for the Tourney


The final weekend for the Icers means a few things. First, play hard (but not stupid) to maintain momentum heading into the tournament. Second, a few line-up changes would be in order to give some...

Icers Fulfill Goal Number Two


Every season now, the Icers head in with three goals. First, win the ESCHL Regular Season Title; second, win the ESCHL Post-Season Title; and third, win the ACHA National Championship. For the past...

Icers, Rhode Island Fight for ESCHL Title


An update on the Penn State hockey team and their quest for the ESCHL title.

Icers Try to Keep on Streaking


When we last left the Blue Hens, you might remember a 6-0 blowout win for the Icers that included the Delaware goaltender being tossed for trying to fight with Teddy Hume. Good times, good times....

Icers and the ESCHL, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo


Yes, I'm making an executive decision* and moving these to once a week during the spring semester. I figure this will give me a chance to post some deeper info about the team, and overall, less...

Icers Start the Second Half


With the holidays in the rear-view mirror, the Icers were prepared to take on the second half of the season of hockey. The Icers would open with a couple games before classes began - one at...

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