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Women's Volleyball Update

When we last left our Lady Lions they were about to take on Ohio State who was ranked #12 in the nation. The easily handled the Buckeyes 3-0. Freshman Megan Hodge set a season high with 23 kills for the Lions in a three game match.

Since that match the Lions have been mowing over some pretty stiff competition. They have beaten:

Iowa 3-0
Indiana 3-0
Purdue 3-0
#24 Minnesota 3-1
#13 Wisconsin 3-0

The Lady Lions are just rolling over everyone at this point and seem poised to win another Big Ten title this year. Some of the players are getting some national recognition for their play, as well as their lives off the court.

Apparently senior outside hitter/defensive specialist Ashley Fidler wants to be a fashion designer. And sophomore outside hitter Nicole Fawcett is giving SI Oncampus tours of her crib. But some of them are being recognized for their play on the court. Sophomore middle hitter Christa Harmotto was recognized as the Big Ten Player of the Week for her play against Indiana and Purdue.

Obviously not really her pantry. What college pantry is void of Raman Noodles?

But what I really find interesting about this team is their pregame warmup routine.

After clapping hands with all of her teammates, the smallest person on the team, normally one of the defensive specialists, runs with the leaders to the net to start the blocking footwork. But she doesn't just do the normal block-jump and then move on down the net. Oh no. She is lifted up by the two players at the head of the line so that her body is halfway over the net while the rest of the team yells "WOOOOO," usually causing the opposing team (who is normally stretching on the other side of the net) to cast a few questioning glances in their direction.

Forgetting to bring a ball for the match, they used the next best thing

It's great to see a Penn State team doing well and dominating their sport, but it's also refreshing to see a bunch of kids just going out and having fun. GO LIONS!!!