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Spam Protection

Folks, I'm sorry, but I have to turn off anonymous comments. I've been getting more and more spam in the comments advertising adult sites. They were posting anonymously. I tried to keep up with it and delete them as soon as I found them, but I just looked back at an old story and found more comments in there. So I've come to the conclusion this problem is only going to get worse if I don't do something about it.

I know some of you like to post anonymously. I respect that and wish I could continue to allow it. I hope you will not be discouraged from visiting the site in the future. I assure you everyone is welcome to speak their mind here and I try to keep things civilized. Anyone who becomes abusive will be banned, so don't be afraid to register for an account.

To register for an account click on the "Create Account" in the upper right menu box, or go here. You will be asked to create a user name and password and to provide an email address. You email will not be shared with anyone and you will not get any spam from me or SBNation. After filling out the form and submitting, you will receive an email at the address you provided. In that email there will be a link you must click on to activate the account. Again, registering for an account is absolutely 100% totally free. Not even one of those gimmicks where they give you a free month and start charging you after that. Nobody will ask for a credit card number or any personal information other than your email address at any time.

Again, I'm sorry it has come to this. But I think we will all enjoy this place much better if I/we work to keep the internet trolling scum out of here. Hopefully when SBNation makes the next round of site upgrades they will address this issue. Thank you for your continued participation and support on this matter.