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Wednesday Quick Hits

Lot's of good reading on the ninnernet today.

Many PSU fans resent Chad Henne for verbally committing to the Lions and then backing out in favor of Michigan. While it hurt at the time, you have to admit the kid made the right decision and PSU would probably be in the same boat today.

There has been a lot of banter going on in the message boards about the pass interference call in overtime that kept Penn State alive. Many people say in that situation you have to let the kids play, but Cory Giger points out it doesn't work that way.

When we heard about Mario Manningham's injury that would sideline him this weekend, every Nittany Lion fan secretly did a little fist pump. Ever the wise counsel, Joe Paterno took the high road.

The Notre Dame game made Anthony Morelli the yuck of a lot of jokes among the Michigan bloggers. But after leading Penn State on two late touchdown drives in Minnesota, it's clear that Morelli is getting better every week.

A little discussed fact is that due to the scheduling of the Big Ten, Michigan hasn't played in Beaver Stadium since 2001. For fifth year senior Steve Breaston and starting safety Ryan Mundy, it's good to finally come home.

Finally, the students are outraged this week because the university is starting to crack down on Paternoville, the tent village that first sprung up before the Ohio State game last year by eager students wanting front row seats. This year students started setting up their tents for Michigan before the team took the field against Minnesota. So the university sent and administrator and a police officer out to the stadium to order the students to disperse. Now nobody is allowed to set up their tents until 6:00 AM on Thursday. JoePa weighed in with his reaction.