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Thursday Quick Hits

Here are your Thursday quick hits.

It seems all anyone wants to talk about is the last second loss last year. The Penn State players have moved on.

In case you haven't heard already, Michigan's run defense is pretty good.

Penn State safety Anthony Scirrotto could have played baseball.

An interesting side story to the game this week is the history between Henne and Morelli.

Then there is an interesting article that talks about the process of how Penn State ended up with Morelli. Almost sounds like it was a Mafia deal going on.

A short time after his visit to Penn State, Morelli's entire family hosted an evening at his uncle's house, where Joe and Jay Paterno and defensive coordinator Tom Bradley -- who is Penn State's recruiter in that area -- came to talk with Anthony and his father.

If he writes a book on recruiting, Jay Paterno said the events of that night will certainly be included.

"It was literally an Italian experience," the younger Paterno recalled. "The only people at the table were men, while all the women were in the kitchen. The men sat and ate dinner and talked about all types of business. It was a stereotypical Italian night."

After their discussions over Morelli's future, the men joined the women for dessert and ate cannolis.

When the three coaches were leaving the house that night, Morelli came to the door and handed the head coach a wrapped package, telling his guests they could open it on their way home.

About five minutes later, when his curiosity got the best of him, Joe Paterno opened the package and found the picture that was taken of him and Morelli during the latter's visit to Penn State a few weeks prior. On the back of the photo was a simple but powerful message.

"Coach, it will be an honor to play for you."

Maybe someday Don Morelli can do you a favor.