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Was there a bigger upset in the country than Indiana beating Iowa? I was tailgating without access to a radio or television all day. When I first heard the score from someone I called them a liar. They insisted and I told them I would not believe it until I got home and saw it on SportsCenter with my own two eyes.

How amazing is this team? Terry Hoeppner gets a brain tumor that needs emergency brain surgery. The guy is back in the office a week later and they roll off their first two game winning streak in the Big Ten since Bobby Bowden was coaching at Samford. Friggin' brain surgery. If I had brain surgery I would milk it for at least a month. A year if I could. Team insiders say they will be removing Hoeppner's lung prior to their game with Ohio State this weekend. I'm actually kind of glad we don't get them on the schedule this year. Ok, maybe we could replace Wisconsin with Indiana and I would be ok with that.

Ohio State

Speaking of Ohio State, another week, another blowout of a clearly inferior opponent. Call me crazy, but I'm looking at this team and I'm seeing a massive train wreck rolling down the tracks. They spent all summer getting ready for that Texas game and it showed. They have not really been tested before or since that game. PSU and Iowa were both overmatched. Their next four games are Indiana, Minnesota, at Illinois, and at Northwestern. I get the feeling this team peaked too early and they are being lulled into thinking they can wave their #1 ranking in front of their opponent and make them pee their pants.

But there is a furry animal with a vicious bite looming up north. At the end of the season Ohio State is going to play a team that is both better than Texas and more hungry. I've seen both teams in action now, and I honestly believe if they played today Michigan would win. And remember Mario Manningham can't play right now, but he will be on the field November 18th.


I swear Miami and Michigan State are competing for some award to the team that can generate the most chaos. Just as it looked like Michigan State was going to take the lead with their post game shoving match with Illinois, Miami went out and topped them.

The brawl against Florida International on Saturday was disgusting. Larry Coker needs to be fired right now before someone on this team either gets killed or kills someone else. It all started last year with the post game brawl in the tunnel after Miami lost to LSU 40-3. Then in the off season a group of Miami players were involved in a gun fight outside of a nightclub. Recently the Hurricanes came out in their game against Louisville and stomped on the Cardinal logo at midfield. A shoving match ensued and the Cardinals promptly stomped the Hurricanes on the scoreboard.

This latest incident shows Coker has completely lost control of the program. But what did Coker have to say after the game?

"I think that it will affect the image of our program greatly, but in a positive way," Coker said. "I think that when they see the video and they see how it was handled they will be impressed with our players. This will not be a very big thing for the University of Miami. It was impressive in that it was handled very well."

It will affect the program in a positive way? It was handled very well? We will be impressed by your players? Which ones? The one body slamming the FIU guy? Or how about the guy who ran in throwing his helmet around like a bowling ball? Or are you referring to the one we saw repeatedly stomping on an FIU guy that was on the ground? Are you kidding me?

But amazingly, the Miami Board of Trustees is standing by their lame horse. Listen folks, fire this loser. It's only going to get worse because now the players want to go out and "earn respect". The problem is they have a head coach that thinks it is acceptable to earn respect by allowing his football games to break out into Wrestlemania on the field. If you're playing Miami, bring lots of folding chairs.