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Week 8 BlogPoll Ballot

I have to admit I didn't watch much football this weekend since I attended the PSU-Michigan game in person. So some help with this ballot would be much appreciated.

Rank Team Delta
1 Michigan 1
2 Ohio State 1
3 Texas 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 Tennessee 1
6 West Virginia 1
7 Notre Dame 1
8 California 1
9 Louisville 1
10 Auburn 3
11 Florida 8
12 Clemson 1
13 Arkansas 1
14 Georgia Tech 1
15 LSU 4
16 Oregon --
17 Boise State --
18 Boston College 3
19 Rutgers 1
20 Wisconsin 2
21 Nebraska 2
22 Oklahoma 4
23 Texas A&M 3
24 Pittsburgh 2
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: Iowa (#14), Virginia Tech (#18), Missouri (#24), Georgia (#25).


Michigan - I've seen both Ohio State and Michigan play up close this year, and I have to say the Wolverines are the better team. I can't think of a single team in the country that plays more physical or smarter. I know people will say I'm only basing that on how they played against Penn State and that Ohio State had to play in the rain. True, but OSU got to play at home with the friendly crowd. Michigan played on the road in the cold so I say the conditions were even. Sorry Buckeyes, but you're going to lose to this team.

Auburn - Nice rebound in beating Florida. Maybe my preseason #1 can make a run yet.

Boston College - Nice BEAT DOWN of Virginia Tech, who drops off the poll.


Florida - Another unbeaten falls. And now we know it is officially impossible for an SEC team to win the BCS.

Iowa - You really let me down, Hawkeyes. I had you ranked at #4 in my preseason poll. You made me look silly. I don't like being silly. You are therefore banished from the poll.

Georgia - Ditto to you too, Bulldogs. I had you ranked #6 at the beginning of the year. I thought about kicking you off the poll all together last week, but I decided to let you hang around at #25. And you repay me by Vanderbilt. Be gone with you. Off with their heads.