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Anthony Morelli Injury Update

The Daily Collegian is listing starting quarterback Anthony Morelli and backup quarterback Daryll Clark as "possible" for the game this weekend against Illinois. But according to Greg Morelli, Anthony's dad, his son is definitely going to play.

"I was talking with him at dinner, and he said he feels fine and he expects to play in the Illinois game," the quarterback's father, Greg Morelli, said Monday night. "The good news was that he had no headache or other symptoms. I got a call from him and from (quarterbacks coach) Jay Paterno saying that things look good."

The plan was to hold the younger Morelli out of practice yesterday and today, limiting him to stretching and throwing. He would then fully participate in practice Wednesday.

This is certainly good news. Fortunately we get a brake in the schedule this week with Illinois, but Indiana has shown us you can't take anyone for granted in the Big Ten. I suspect if Morelli starts we will see him pulled quickly if the Lions get up by a couple of scores.

Morelli suffered a concussion in the loss to Michigan this weekend. Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch put a helmet to helmet hit on Morelli as he let the ball go. Then Branch fell on Morelli with his entire 6'6" 331 lb. frame knocking him out of conciousness and the game. Several fans thought a roughing penalty was warranted, but no flag was thrown on the play.