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Thursday Quick Hits

Here are your quick hits for Thursday afternoon.

Still no word on Morelli or Clark for this weekend. They see the doctors today and will get either a yes or no. Both players have been practicing without contact this week.

The Daily Collegian says the offensive line better get their act together. They also have a nice writeup on defensive end Josh Gaines.

The Centre Daily times has a short preview of the Illinois game.

At 4-3 the Lions are still in good shape to make a New Years Day bowl game. If we win out we most likely go to the Capital One Bowl. Lose one game and we're probably heading to the Alamo Bowl Outback Bowl. (Correction. Lose two and we go to the Alamo most likely)

Galen has risen the Fan Advisory Level to Orange.

I found myself defending the coaching staff to a long time Penn State fan before I was able to have breakfast Sunday morning. We are definitely entrenched at a high level of fan panic. Brandi has already started to dig the fallout shelter in the back yard and I am heading to Lowe's on my lunch break for copious amounts of duct tape and plastic - just in case.

Paul Posluszny has been nominated as a semi-finalist for the Lombardi Award

Jeremy Kapinos has been nominated as a candidate for the Ray Guy Award.

And finally, Fire Mark May points out it's nothing personal, the refs just hate your team.