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BlogPoll Week 6

BSD Watched

Most of the East Lansing train wreck that is Michigan State football. Oh my goodness do they suck. Talk about horrible coaching and wasted talent. Thank God we are not them.

Also watched PSU vs. Northwestern (duh!) and switched back and forth all night between Iowa-OSU and the UM-UM game. And most of the Auburn-SC game last Thursday night.

On to the ballot:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn --
3 Michigan 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 West Virginia --
6 Texas --
7 Florida --
8 Louisville --
9 Oregon 3
10 Louisiana State 3
11 Notre Dame 3
12 Georgia 3
13 Georgia Tech 2
14 Tennessee 4
15 Oklahoma 7
16 Clemson --
17 Cal 2
18 Boise State 3
19 Virginia Tech 9
20 Iowa 9
21 Rutgers 2
22 Boston College 2
23 Nebraska 3
24 Texas Tech 1
25 Missouri 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#17).

Some notes:
If Ohio State is not the undisputed #1 this week, they should be. No other team has beaten better competition more handily than the Buckeyes.

I'm bumping Michigan ahead of USC after the Trojans struggled against Washington State. I thought about moving the Wolverines ahead of Auburn for their struggles against South Carolina last Thursday, but decided to give Auburn a pass for playing on the road.

Virginia Tech and Iowa both drop for losing. TCU drops off the ballot entirely. I don't know why I fell for all the hype everyone gives them. Georgia and Nebraska both drop a few ticks for struggling against weaker opponents. The Bulldog offense looks terrible right now.

I moved Oklahoma up quite a bit just for the simple fact everyone else has them ranked higher making me think I was too harsh on them for their loss to Oregon. They clearly should have won that game, but they're still behind Oregon.

This just in: Boise State is freakin' good. I've had them on my ballot since the preseason and they are not disappointing me. Ian Johnson is a beast averaging 7.1 ypc and he has 9 TD on the year through five games.

And finally, after being called "wacky" for ranking the GA Tech Yellowjackets at #15 last week, I have been completely (ok maybe partially) vindicated after the Ramblin' Wreck knocked off the Hokies on Saturday. Who's wacky now, bitches!