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Friday Quick Hits

Well fans, enjoy Zombie Nation while it lasts, because they are going to start phasing it out.

"We were concerned [at] the Ohio State game when you could feel the stadium moving or bouncing, and we cut it back," said D'Elia, a member of the committee that chooses which songs are played for home football games.

Morelli and Clark are cleared to play against Illinois. There's also a little blurb in there about the Lions lacking turnovers on defense this year.

It's Homecoming this weekend. I think every weekend is homecoming for Illinois. It seems everyone schedules homecoming when the Fighting Illini come to town. I don't know if it's so they can get an easy win or just a gimmick to make sure people show up for the game. In either case, former Penn State player and artist Matthew Rice will be there signing autographs at the Penn State All-Sports Museum between 9:30 and 11:30.

The Centre Daily Times calls out Penn State fans calling them fickle. And Ray Fittipaldo touches on this too in his weekly Q&A.

Finally, Paul Posluszny has been nominated as a semifinalist for the 2006 Butkus Award. Poz has an opportunity to join Oklahoma's Brian Bosworth (1985-1986) as the only repeat winners of the award. Let's hope Poz's football career goes better than Boz's acting career.