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Tuesday Quick Hits

Penn State's win over Illinois created more questions than it answered. Many people blame the offensive line.

Everyone suspects a shakeup is looming.

"That was a real aggressive defense," sophomore receiver Deon Butler said. "We just didn't do a good job of taking advantage of their aggressiveness. We played into their hands a little bit. With them being so aggressive, we should have used that against them."

Butler said big plays could have been had down the field, but the proper adjustments were not made.

"Their corners were sitting low, and their safeties were running outside the hash," Butler said. "That's why a couple of times I caught the ball on the sidelines I was getting hit as soon as I caught it. We could have easily gone inside of the safeties and gave them a double move. We could easily just run inside the safety. We won, but that is stuff we can learn from."

I'm loving Butler more and more. It's about time somebody called out the coaches for the horrible play calling and failure to adapt. This guy needs to be made a captain next year.

Even though the Lions played poorly, two Lions won weekly awards.

The Lions get somewhat of a break this week when they play Purdue who have problems of their own. This is a crucial game for the Lions to figure out where they stand.