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Joe Paterno Press Conference - 10/3/06

Joe Paterno had his press conference this afternoon. The word of the day is injuries.

Levi Brown is still hampered by a sore knee and will sit out against Minnesota this weekend. Joe says he could play if they need him, but they are going to sit him out as a precaution. Brown should be back in time for the Michigan game. Chris Auletta will start in his place.

Robert Price is injured with a bum shoulder. Gerald Cadogen will start at guard. I imagine Cadogen will start at left guard and Rich Ohrnberger will move back to right guard.

Jimmy Shaw is banged up and will not start at DE. Joe says one of two freshmen will start in his place. Most likely I believe it will be Maurice Evans.

The good news is Terrell Golden and Mark Rubin are cleared to play this weekend so we may see them.

I'm becoming very concerned about our offensive line. It's week 6 and we're still shuffling things around and now the injury bug is biting. We don't have much depth and if someone gets injured we're going to be forced to play some pretty inexperienced players. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we can start working some younger kids into the rotation to build up some more depth.