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Impressions from the Weekend

The situation in Talahassee is getting uglier. Last Friday Bobby Bowden sat down with an ESPN reporter to discuss the calls for his retirement. He's really starting to sound pretty desperate.

I've had success nearly everywhere I've been. In the '90s, we won more games than any other school in the history of college football. We were number one every week since the end of the season. That's what spoiled people. You ain't gonna do that every season.

Bowden is allowing himself to be dragged into a verbal tennis match with the boosters in the media. Things never got to this level between Joe Paterno and the boosters. He's going to end up getting fired for creating a circus act before he gets fired for losing, which Bowden did to Maryland on Saturday 27-24.

USC's loss has ended a dynasty if you ask ESPN. You can bet there was some Miller Lites knocked back in West Virginia Saturday night and possibly most of Sunday. I said in one of my blogpoll ballot posts they look more and more beatable each week. This is their first regular season loss in how many years? With Cal, Oregon, Notre Dame, and UCLA still left to play it may not be their last this year.

Finally, I entered a Pick 'Em contest over at a Texas Longhorn blog called Burnt Orange Nation at the beginning of the year. Your humble host was the winner this week and will be handicapping this weeks games on Burnt Orange Nation so make sure you go check it out. The game that put me over the top? I was the only person in the group of about 50 people to pick Oklahoma State over Nebraska.