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Week 7 BlogPoll

First, I watched FSU get stomped by NC State. I keep telling people FSU sucks and they prove me right every week. I also watched PSU-Minnesota, Michigan-MSU, and parts of LSU-Florida and Richmond-New Hampshire.

Here is my week 7 BlogPoll Ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan 1
3 Florida 4
4 Texas 2
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Tennessee 8
7 West Virginia 2
8 Notre Dame 3
9 California 8
10 Louisville 2
11 Clemson 5
12 Arkansas 14
13 Auburn 11
14 Iowa 6
15 Georgia Tech 2
16 Oregon 7
17 Boise State 1
18 Virginia Tech 1
19 LSU 9
20 Rutgers 1
21 Boston College 1
22 Wisconsin 4
23 Nebraska --
24 Missouri 1
25 Georgia 13

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#15), Texas Tech (#24).


Florida - Every week we say this is the week Florida loses. Every week they prove us wrong. They have two quality wins now and if they get past Auburn this week they have a good shot at running the table.

Tennessee - I've decided I was too harsh on Tennessee after their one point loss to Florida. I admit a lot of that was bias based on their record last year. Now they have two quality wins (Cal and Georgia) and that should be recognized.

Arkansas - They really showed me something against Auburn. Considering their only loss is to USC, I've got to give them some props. They've now got the inside track to the SEC West.

Cal - I was tough on them after they lost to Tennessee, but every win after that has been really impressive.


USC - Each week they seem to look more and more beatable.

West Virginia/Louisville - The more and more I see these Big East teams the more and more I ask myself who they have beaten of note.

Auburn - Really disappointing showing. I caught a few plays of this game and they looked really flat. Really made me think I was silly to have them ranked #1 in my preseason poll. I don't like looking silly. So down they go.

Georgia - We all knew it was a matter of time.

Oklahoma - Everyone gave them a pass after the officials robbed them in Oregon. Not this week.

Please discuss.