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Temple Open Thread

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I'm slacking this week. I didn't get out a Temple preview. My buddy, Dennis, who happens to be a Temple grad let me know it too. I'll admit it. I've already blown off Temple. Here's all you need to know about the Owls.

Catagory NCAA Rank
Rushing Offense 118
Passing Offense 94
Total Offense 119
Scoring Offense 115
Rushing Defense 117
Pass Efficiency Defense 108
Total Defense 118
Scoring Defense 119
Net Punting 106
Punt Returns 119
Turnover Margin 101
Sacks 100
Sacks Allowed 116

Now, there is some hope for the Owls. They are fortunate they are playing a team that makes a lot of mistakes. If the Penn State offense comes out committing penalties, dropping passes, and giving turnovers, this game could be close enough to cause a few heart attacks in Beaver Stadium. On the plus side, if that happens there may be some good seats available next week against Michigan State.

Unfortunately for the Owls, this is not a math aptitude test. This is a football game. And while the Penn State offense may sputter at times, but Penn State defense doesn't. Remember a few years ago when Lavar Arrington knocked down the Pitt punter and wouldn't let him get up? That's how this game is going to go. Despite the offensive woes, Temple is going to have even more problems.


Temple 6
Penn State 24

I'm not convinced Penn State is going to beat the 35 point spread. In fact, I'm not convinced they can score 35 points on anyone. This should be an easy, but frustrating win.