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Bloody Saturday

We should have known this was going to be a crazy weekend when Rutgers came back from 18 points down to knock off Louisville. The talk all day Friday and Saturday morning was the gigantic mess the BCS was going to be with a log jam of one loss teams all with worthy arguments for being in the championship game. Then came Bloody Saturday.

As scores slowly trickled in throughout the day it was clear we were witnessing something never before seen in the short history of the BCS. Georgia knocked off Auburn. Arizona beat Cal. Kansas State found a way to outscore Texas. Only a blocked field goal to preserve Florida's win over South Carolina prevented us from BCS bliss on Saturday. All told four of the top ten teams lost this weekend. Here are how the new standings sit.

1. Ohio State .9765
2. Michigan .9735
3. USC .8699
4. Florida .8495
5. Notre Dame .8193
6. Rutgers .7866
7. Arkansas .7567
8. West Virginia .6575
9. Wisconsin .6428
10. Louisville .6408
11. LSU .6028
12. Boise State .5541


USC - There's a lot of happy people in Southern California today. The Trojans appear to be in the driver seat and control their own destiny for the BCS championship.

The Big Ten Conference - With losses by Auburn and Texas it's a virtual guarantee the SEC and Big 12 will not get an at large BCS bid. This means the loser of the Michigan/Ohio State game will get an at large bid and all the Big Ten teams will get bumped up in the bowls.

Rutgers - The chances of the Scarlett Knights playing for the title went up dramatically after all of the losses moved them up to #7 in the BCS. If they win out and beat West Virginia it's going to be hard to deny them the title game.


The BCS - Rutgers, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Louisville all in the top 10? Do we need any more proof to convince us we need a playoff?

Possible Scenarios

Right now it looks like the winner of the Ohio State/Michigan game will play USC if they beat Notre Dame. If USC should lose, I have to think Florida gets the nod if they win the SEC championship game.

Notre Dame is in a tricky situation. Let's assume the Irish beat USC. If Ohio State beats Michigan, how can you rank them ahead of the Wolverines after the BEATDOWN they put on the Irish in South Bend? I think in that scenario, we get a rematch of the OSU/UM game provided Florida loses to Arkansas. If Michigan beats Ohio State I can't see the Buckeyes dropping below the Irish. I could be wrong. It would be close. But the bottom line is I think it's a longshot for the Irish at this point.

For Florida, obviously they have to win out, win the SEC Championship game and hope Notre Dame beats USC.

Whew! I'm Glad None of This Affects Penn State!

Not so fast, mon ami! With the SEC dropping out of the at large BCS bid picture, and the Big Ten most likely sliding in, that means the SEC is dropped down a notch in their bowl games and the Big Ten is pushed up a notch. This means Penn State is pretty much a lock for the Outback Bowl if they beat Michigan State. Without an at large bid for the SEC, PSU will end up playing the SEC #3 team. Last week that was looking like Tennessee until they lost to Arkansas. Now it's looking more like Auburn.