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Blogpoll Week 11 - Draft

Week 11? Is that right? Well, we'll go with it.

Games I watched: PSU vs. Temple (Duh!) and Wisconsin vs. Iowa. Thanks to "regional coverage" I was forced to watch the continuation of the train wreck known as Florida State football as they got demolished by Wake Forest. I can't believe people actually had this team ranked in the top 10 in the beginning of the year. Thankfully, the network showed mercy in the second half and switched to the much more thrilling Texas/Kansas State game which I watched the conclusion of. Now on to the ballot:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Southern Cal 4
4 Florida 1
5 Notre Dame 1
6 Arkansas 5
7 Wisconsin 5
8 LSU 2
9 Rutgers 8
10 Texas 7
11 Auburn 7
12 Oklahoma 1
13 Boise State 3
14 Louisville 5
15 West Virginia --
16 California 8
17 Wake Forest 1
18 Georgia Tech 1
19 Boston College 2
20 Virginia Tech 2
21 Maryland 2
22 Clemson 3
23 Tennessee 9
24 Nebraska 2
25 Oregon 5

Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#24).


I jumped up USC after their impressive win over Oregon and Florida's "Holy crap was that close" win over South Carolina.

I'm not sure about Notre Dame at number five. Their defense is terrible and they have had so many close calls they could easily have three losses. I'm not sure they could beat Arkansas or Wisconsin or LSU for that matter on a neutral field. I may change that.

Rutgers continues to move up through attrition.