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Wednesday Quick Hits

First up, the Tom Bradley/Galen Hall Press Conference.

Joe Paterno returned to practice this week and should be at the Michigan State game, though sitting in the press box.

Tony Hunt was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week for his 167 yard 4 TD performance against Temple.

Junior offensive tackle Chris Auletta has decided to not return to the team next year. This is shocking, frankly. With Levi Brown graduating Auletta was clearly the front runner to start next year. This leaves a major hole on the offensive line next year. Penn State is going to need a young player to step up and claim the position in the off season.

Obviously there is a lot of focus on defensive coordinator Tom Bradley who is rumored to be Joe Paterno's successor when Joe retires.

Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden, son of head coach Bobby Bowden, has resigned. Looks like daddy threw his own son under the bus to be his scapegoat. I can't say I blame him. I'm looking in your direction, Jay Paterno.

The women's soccer team have advanced to the third round of the NCAA tournament.

The women's basketball team is off to a hot 2-0 start.

That's all for now.