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Senior Day Haiku

Brian at mgoblog had a neat tribute to the Michigan seniors he titled Senior Day Haiku. In the true spirit of blogging I'm stealing his idea. So in honor of Senior Day on Saturday, here is my tribute to the Penn State seniors in haiku.

In Alphabetical Order

#13 DE - Jay Alford
From Tamba's shadow
You quietly dominate
Now you are the man

#67 OT - Levi Brown
Bad, bad, Levi Brown
Captain and gentle giant
You should have gone pro

#51 LB - Joe Cianciolo
Fell on the fumble
That sparked us against Minny
So, yeah, thanks a lot

#90 LS - Nick Daise
No one remembers
The long snapper on the team
It's part of your job

#88 TE - Kevin Darling
Injuries forced you
From linebacker to tight end
You did just OK

#71 OG - Mark Farris
A four star prospect
Never could crack the lineup
What happened to you?

#44 TE - Patrick Hall
Too small and too slow
Part of the tight end platoon
Caught some touchdowns though

#22 S - Darien Hardy
Didn't see you much, dude
Special teams need players too
Thanks for the effort

#26 RB - Tony Hunt
Lowering your head
Pounding into linebackers
Four yards at a time

#6 S - Donnie Johnson
Tailback to safety
Hardest hitter on the field
Like to run your mouth

#92 DT - Ed Johnson
Clogging the middle
JoePa's doghouse really sucks
Please tell Chris Bell

#36 P - Jeremy Kapinos
Pitiful offense
When they couldn't move it a
Yard, you bailed us out

#19 LB - Andy Kubic
Came to get degree
Nice 3.3 GPA
Civil Engineer

#75 OT - Lee Kuzemchak
Who are you again?
The scout team needs tackles too
Saw some garbage time

#24 S - Nolan McCready
Benched behind Lowry
Three years you waited your turn
Damn you, Scirrotto

#31 LB - Paul Posluszny
Chasing down Troy Smith
Flying all over the field
You make us all proud

#65 G - Robert Price
Can't block a door
Michigan's greatest weapon
Morelli thanks you

#49 P - Brandon Ream
Kapinos is great
Never got a single kick
Hope you had some fun

#53 DT - Steve Roach
Backed up Jay Alford
Worked hard and kept your mouth shut
Paterno likes that

#99 DE - Jim Shaw
Came over from Rice
To play with your brother, John
Injuries killed you

#20 LB/DE - Tim Shaw
Forgotten backer
Always the loyal soldier
Took one for the team

#30 FB - BranDon Snow
A vicious blocker
When you're on the field that is
JoePa's doghouse sucks

#79 OT - Chris Auletta (Junior)
Starter if you stay
Want to graduate and leave
Letting the team down

Feel free to add your own!