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Bo Schembechler Dies at 77

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God has a funny way of doing things. On the eve of one of the most hyped football games in recent history, Michigan has lost their long time legendary coach, Bo Schembechler. Suddenly all the hype about #1 vs. #2 seems trivial in comparison.

Bo collapsed earlier today while recording his weekly radio show. Reports out of Detroit are he has passed away from a heart attack. The incident is similar to a month ago when Bo collapsed on October 20th. He was rushed to the hospital and released after that incident.

Schembechler will always be admired by Michigan fans for his 21 years of service in which he was named Big Ten coach of the year seven times. He ran a successful program but more importantly he ran a classy program.

College football and Michigan have lost a great head coach. But God has picked up a great man.