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Sinking Like Stones

Final Score

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Game Overview

If you had told me before the game that Stony Brook would shoot 41% from the field, go 0-for-8 from behind the arc, and turn the ball over 16 times I would have liked Penn State's chances. That is until I found out Penn State shot 36% from the field, went 5-for-26 from three point range, and turned the ball over 21 times.

The Seawolves came out pressuring the ball from the start and never let up. The Lions kept turning the ball over and never had an answer for it. When the Lions did manage to get the ball across mid-court, they were content to pass it around the perimeter and heave up a three. The shots weren't dropping, and to make things worse the Lions were getting outhustled on the boards. For the game the Lions only held a slight 37-34 edge in rebounds. The most glaring difference came in foul shots. The Lions didn't press the issue in the paint and didn't get the fouls. Stony Brook outshot the Lions at the foul line 23 to 5.

This is an extremely disappointing loss. The Shippensburg loss hurt, but that was just an exhibition game. You would think that would have woke up this team. You would be wrong. The Lions need to get to work and realize they are not at the point they can't beat teams on their athletic ability alone. They have to play smart and create shots for each other. If the Nittany Lions want to go to The Dance this year, they have to win games they are supposed to win. They gave this one away against a team they should have easily beaten. Now they have to go steal one they are expected to lose. Their first opportunity comes on Tuesday when Penn State plays Bucknell at the Jordan Center.

Stony Brook 59
Penn State 51