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BCS Review

What a great weekend of college football. The new BCS standings came out, so let's take a look.

1. Ohio State 1.0000
2. Michigan .9263
3. USC .9188
4. Florida .8838
5. Notre Dame .8198
6. Arkansas .8065
7. West Virginia .7168
8. Wisconsin .6803
9. Louisville .6770
10. LSU .6431
11. Boise State .5640
12. Auburn .5341
25. Penn State .0649

Ohio State

Ok. I'm officially a Buckeye believer now. I thought for sure they had peaked too early this year. Turns out I was wrong. But man, was that a fantastic game. Two heavy weights standing toe to toe exchanging blows to the head. I was shocked at how many big plays the Michigan defense gave up. I think Mike Hart is right. If these two teams played again Michigan would tighten that up and it would be a different result. But give the Buckeyes props. Nobody can deny they are the best team in college football right now.


Despite the loss, Michigan still finds themselves sitting in the #2 spot. Before Wolverine fans start licking their chops over getting a second chance, I think they are going to need some help in order to play in the championship game. They have a razor thin lead over the third place team, USC.


The Trojans still have to play UCLA and Notre Dame. Win those games and I believe they will jump over Michigan.


The Gators still have some work to do, but they have a good chance to impress the voters. This weekend they play the Florida State Seminoles. After that they play Arkansas in the SEC championship game. If they take care of their business and USC drops a game to UCLA or Notre Dame, the Gators might move up enough in the human polls and computer polls to slip into the #2 spot.

Notre Dame

Unfortunately for the Irish, I think they're done. Their dream scenario would be beating USC, Florida lose to Florida State, and Arkansas losing to Florida. But even if all that happens, I'm not sure they would jump Michigan because of the beatdown they took at the hands of the Wolverines. They needed Michigan to beat the Buckeyes to set up a rematch of their own.

On the flip side, the nightmare scenario would be Notre Dame losing badly to USC and falling below #8 in the BCS standings. As the rules are written, Notre Dame gets an automatic BCS bid if they are ranked in the top 8. Fall below that, and the bowl selection committees can skip over the Irish if they feel another opponent is more attractive.

Boise State

Look whose messing everything up at #11. The BCS rules state, if a team from a non-BCS conference wins their conference and ends the season ranked in the top 12, they go to a BCS bowl. If the Broncos take care of business against Nevada this weekend, they may be going to the Fiesta Bowl to play Texas.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Is it a case of shame on the Scarlet Knights for reading the newspapers and having dreams of BCS cash dancing in their heads? Or is it a case of all of us getting duped into thinking a Big East team was actually good?

Oh no! We suck again!

Penn State

Look who sneaked in at #25 this week. Our beloved Nittany Lions. No doubt we have a top 15 defense, but our offense is terrible. I feel like the guy who won a free weekend membership to the country club and showed up asking where he goes to rent his golf clubs. It's embarrassing. It almost doesn't feel right. But I'll take it and proudly soak my sweaty ass in the pool all day.