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Larry Coker Fired From Miami

After season long speculation, Larry Coker has been fired from the University of Miami. This brings to a close an extremely violent season for the Hurricanes.

On July 21, reserve safety Willie Cooper was shot in his yard. He and teammate Brandon Meriweather returned fire. Coker response was to tell his team carrying firearms may not be a good idea.

On August 29, wide receiver Ryan Moore assaulted a woman and threatened another. He was suspended from the team.

On September 16, Miami caused an altercation on the field with Louisville when they stomped on the Cardinal logo at mid field before the game. The Canes then got stomped 31-7 and game Miami a 1-2 start and fueled the campaign to fire Coker.

On October 14 a brawl with Florida International got ugly as players were seen on tape swinging their helmets as weapons and repeatedly stomping on FIU players. 13 Hurricanes were suspended for one game each. After public outcry became overwhelming, safety Anthony Reddick was suspended for four games.

On November 7 Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata was shot and killed outside of his apartment shortly after leaving practice.

Yesterday Miami beat Boston College 17-14 to salvage a 6-6 season and a probably bowl bid. Coker will stay on to coach the team through the bowl game.

In a way I feel bad for Larry Coker. He seems like a nice enough guy who genuinely wanted to do well and tried his best. Sadly, I think the Miami fans and university have to do some soul searching. They seem to embrace this "Thug U" image which showcases swagger and intimidation above class and honor. Picking fights? Beating up women? Players carrying guns? The Miami culture has become void of morals and common sense to the point I believe anyone wearing the coach's headset is put in a position to fail. Until the university administration and future head coach choose to say they will not tolerate such violent activity the head coach position will be a revolving door.