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Blue-White Roundtable

Round two of our weekly Blue-White Roundtable continues and your humble blogger is hosting this week. Make sure you check out The Nittany Line and Run Up The Score to get their take on all things on the state of Penn State athletics and college sports.

Just a reminder, RUTS, Galen, and I would love to see these weekly roundtables become interactive with the readers. Please share you opinions and feel free to answer the questions yourself in the comments. What makes a good blog great is reader interaction that creates communities. If you don't believe me, go check out Burnt Orange Nation, MGoBlog, and EDSBS. These are some of the best blogs on the internet and they all have great reader interaction. Sometimes I enjoy reading the reader comments better than reading the actual post. Anyway, on to this week's roundtable.

Well, the 2006 regular season is over and the seniors went out winners in their last game at Beaver Stadium. Where do you see Poz, Levi Brown, and Tony Hunt going in the NFL draft?

I suspect we will see Poz go in the late first round to early second round. I think scouts will have concerns about his knee and mobility until he proves he can play without a knee brace. I also suspect we'll see his stock drop after the combine. Poz's 40 time may not be the fastest and he may not be able to impress the scouts with his vertical leap. Of course we all know Poz will have a fantastic career because he makes up for these deficiencies with his football I.Q. which helps him read offenses and anticipate. That and he's just a BAMF.

I see Levi Brown going somewhere in the second or third round. He had a good year but I can't think of a single game where he had a dominating performance like first round tackles have.

Tony Hunt will go somewhere in the third or fourth round. He will make a fine second string running back and have a long NFL career. He lacks the speed to be a premier running back, but his blocking and pass catching ability will be an asset to any team looking for a third down running back. Who knows, in the right situation with a great offensive line that opens up gaping holes he could possibly start for a year or two.

Man, our offense is so boring it's like watching paint dry. It's...well...offensive. Do you think we'll see any new wrinkles in time for the Outback Bowl?

I think we will see a couple new plays. With three weeks to practice you only need one to put in the game plan. The rest of the time will be used to evaluate talent, work on fundamentals, and practice new plays. I'm looking for five yard crossing routes that have been missing from our playbook all season.

And remember how Ethan Kilmer had his best offensive game last year in the Orange Bowl? I suspect we'll see a surprise performance from some player that has been hiding in the shadows all year. Chris Bell perhaps?

Considering we replaced four offensive linemen, our quarterback, our defensive line and our secondary this year, is 8-4 and the Outback Bowl a good thing or bad thing?

I think it's a good thing. It proves we can rebuild without having a losing season. Penn State fans calling for major coaching changes after an 8-4 season need a little perspective.

After winning the national championship in 1982, the Lions went 8-4-1 in 1983. After going 12-0 and winning the national championship in 1986, the Lions went 8-4 in 1987. After going 12-0 in 1994, we went 9-3 in 1995. But look at some other teams. Ohio State had four losses in 2004. Michigan had five losses last season. Now those teams are in the top five and title contenders. It's the nature of the game that players graduate and teams fluctuate. But if your down years still mean going to a New Years Day bowl game, that's pretty damn good.

What a great weekend for college football. LSU upsets Arkansas. Notre Dame and USC. Florida and Florida State. Georgia and Georgia Tech. And all the Big Ten teams sitting home still digesting their turkey. Should the Big Ten add another team and have a championship game like the ACC, SEC, and Big XII?

I would like to see the Big Ten add another team. If for nothing else so Penn State doesn't feel like the unwanted outsider anymore. Notre Dame is the logical choice, but you'll never convince them that they need a conference. It's a shame too because I think they're being short sighted in how much their other programs could benefit from being part of a conference. Pitt and West Virginia would make a good fit and give Penn State a more natural rival if we wanted to further cannibalize the Big East.

I'm absolutely against a championship game. I think they are abominations created solely to generate money, but they make conferences look ridiculous when three and four loss teams go off to the BCS to be their representative. People say having a playoff system would take away from the importance of the regular season. Explain to me how conference championship games don't cheapen the regular season.

Three at large teams go to the BCS. We know Michigan will get an invite. Boise State gets an automatic bid for winning their conference and being ranked in the top 12. Who gets the third?

My mistake here. Actually there are four at large bids. I was still thinking under the old system when I came up with that question. I think LSU will probably be matched up with Michigan in the Rose Bowl. I don't think anyone wants to see another Michigan-Notre Dame matchup after the Irish got spanked by the Wolverines in South Bend.

The other spot, unfortunately, will probably go to Notre Dame to play the SEC champion in the Sugar Bowl. It's a shame because they will once again be in a bowl game against an opponent that will destroy them. All because Notre Dame draws big ratings wherever they go. It's all about the money. Notre Dame thinks this is perfectly acceptable and that it is their God-given right to play on college football's biggest stage every year because it is their tradition that makes college football so great. Well, since their tradition includes getting spanked in 8 straight bowl games over the past 13 years they may want to rethink that policy.

Fact or Fiction?

The Nittany Lion men's basketball team goes dancing in March.

Fact - Wins over Bucknell and St. Joe's and a mere four point loss to Georgia Tech last night prove this team can compete in the Big Ten and probably get 19 or 20 wins this year.

Dan Connor foregoes his senior year to enter the NFL draft.

Hmmm. Fiction. I hope. I think he would probably be a second or third round pick if he came out now. If he sticks around another year and gets some attention sans Poz he can move up in the draft. But I'm worried seeing Poz's injury last year may have scared him into going after the money.

After Notre Dame gets destroyed in their bowl game and Charlie Weis loses 6 games next year, Irish fans will be calling for his firing.

Probably fiction. But if he loses another bowl in embarrassing fashion and he loses 6 games next year his arrogance will not be so becoming anymore and people will start publicly asking if he was the right man for the job.