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The Blogpoll Awards

Listen up, college football bloggers. There is something exciting happening on the college football blogosphere and you'll want to be a part of it. Joel from SBNation's Tennessee blog, Rocky Top Talk, is teaming up with Brian of MGoBlog to create a set of awards for college football bloggers and they're asking for our help. Before you do anything else, go read their vision.

I'm a firm believer that a rising tide floats all boats. This sounds like a great idea to lend more credibility to the blogosphere so BSD is completely endorsing this and encourages everyone to participate.

Right now Joel and Brian are looking for ideas. So here is what you need to do.

  1. We need a name for this...thing. Joel wants the word "Blogpoll" incorporated into it somehow. His reasoning is that the blogpoll is the most credible thing the college football blogosphere has put together so we should try to use that. It does not mean these awards are exclusive to blogpoll voters.
  2. We need suggestions for awards to hand out and creative names for them. Now, the purpose of this is to point out the best and the brightest of the college football blogosphere. So there will be no "Most Craptacular Blog" award. Everything should remain positive.
  3. If you run a college football blog, spread the word of this event to your readers and solicit their input.
  4. If you don't run a college football blog that's ok. You can still participate. Please leave any suggestions you have in the comment section. Joel and Brian will be reading all of the comments to get a flavor for what the people want to see.
That's all we need for now. An overall name for the event and some suggestions for awards. I will be offering some of my suggestions later as I ponder this in future posts.