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Thursday Quick Hits

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Here's a sample of some of the best things I've read on the web this week.

Mel Kiper thinks Poz will go somewhere in the second or third round of the NFL draft. (Warning: Subscription required)

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer put six Hokies on his All American ballot. I didn't realize VT was such a juggernaut this year. He'll probably still vote himself Coach of the Year even though they didn't win their conference.

Brian put out his All Big Ten teams for Offense and Defense. Hunt, Snow, Ed Johnson, Alford, Poz, Connor, King, and Scirrotto all get some love.

In The Bleachers has a nice story about Poz's last roar.

Finally, Ramblin Racket, SBNation's GA Tech blog, offers his take on the GT-PSU basketball game.