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Rule 3-2-5e Sucks!

Rule 3-2-5e has to go. If you're not familiar, rule 3-2-5e is the new clock rules this year designed to speed up the game. Wisconsin coach Brett Beilema has found a loophole in the rules that needs to be closed up fast.

After scoring a touchdown with 0:23 left in the first half, the Badgers lined up for the kickoff. As the kicker dropped his arm, the kickoff team took off downfield. The kicker waited a second before moving, and by the time he got to the ball his coverage team was ten yards down field. When Penn State caught the ball there was nowhere to run because the coverage team got such a great start. The Badgers were penalized on the play and forced to re-kick, but the effect was 9 seconds were run off the clock leaving the clock at 0:14. On the re-kick Wisconsin did the same thing leaving the Lions only 0:04 on the third attempt.

What they did is legal under the new rules, but it's pretty damn cheap if teams are allowed to do that. First of all it's extremely boring to watch. But more importantly, teams could use this wrinkle to kill an entire minute or more if they wanted to.

On one hand I lose respect for Brett Beilema for doing it, but on the other hand if it helps get the rule thrown out he's my hero.