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Joe Paterno Update

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If you didn't see the game, Joe Paterno took a nasty hit on the sideline. TE Andrew Quarless' helmet hit Paterno at full speed just above the knee. It appeared Paterno hyper-extended the knee similar to what Paul Posluszny did during the Orange Bowl last season.

ESPN is reporting that Paterno left the game early and flew home ahead of the team with a member of the medical staff. He will have some X-Rays done tonight and may have an MRI on Monday or Tuesday.

Tom Bradley, who filled in for Paterno after he left the game, laughed it off in the post game press conference.

"He's a wily old rascal," said Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, who filled in for Paterno in the second half. "He's not going anywhere unless he has to. He's pretty tough."

I don't care what Bradley says. That hit caused more than a bruise. Paterno may end up needing surgery after that hit. Any surgery, no matter what it is, is serious when you are 80 years old. Let's hope coach gets better and he's walking the sidelines again soon.