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Joe Paterno Injury Update

As suspected, the news out of State College is not good. Joe's knee is pretty messed up.

Paterno suffered a tibial plateau fracture of his left leg and ligament damage in his knee, according to Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, Penn State Director of Athletic Medicine. Sebastianelli examined Paterno last night and earlier today in State College, with the examinations revealing the fracture of the top of his left shin bone and the knee injuries.

A decision on whether to operate or rehabilitate the injuries will be based upon what will be the most expedient manner of recovery.

It may be a long road to recovery for Joe. Fortunately, it sounds like the spirits of the tough Italian kid from Brooklyn are doing pretty well.

Paterno has attempted to have as close to a normal routine as possible today, meeting with the coaching staff, reviewing yesterday's game and beginning preparations for Saturday's home game with Temple. He expects to prepare for and coach in the game against Temple, which begins at 3:30 p.m. in Beaver Stadium.

It's good to hear Joe is up and around and still focused on football. I'm struck by the amount of support Joe is getting from fans of other schools. I just wanted to say on behalf of Joe and his fans, thank you.