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2006 Pennsylvania Election Guide

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We don't usually dabble in politics here at BSD, but since there's an election coming up tomorrow, we want to make sure our readers are informed when they go to the polls. There are a lot of tough issues out there these days: Iraq, the economy, abortion, guns, and crime just to name a few. Who you choose will have a big impact on our lives over the next few years. Let's take a look at the big races in Pennsylvania.

US Senatorial Race

Rick Santorum - (R) (incumbent)

Graduate of Pennsylvania State University in 1980 with an MBA from Pitt and a law degree from Dickenson College (now affiliated with Penn State) in 1986. Santorum was elected to the Senate in 1995 and has served as Pennsylvania's junior senator ever since. He is considered to be the second or third most powerful senator in the republican party.

Prior to his days in political office he represented the World Wrestling Federation in court arguing professional wrestlers should be exempt from the federal anabolic steroid regulations because wrestling is not a sport. That's just crazy talk. Everyone knows professional wrestling is real.

Major bonus points for hosting a Penn State tailgate party prior to the Illinois game this year. Does have some issues with ethics. He publicly made a bet with Senator Ted Kennedy over Superbowl XXXIX between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. Santorum lost the bet and had to supply cheesesteaks to Senator Kennedy and his staff. The shame his family feels must be horrifying.

Bob Casey Jr. -  (D) (challenger)

Son of former Pennsylvania governor Bob Casey Sr. Graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a Juris Doctor from The Catholic University of America. Casey was elected Pennsylvania Auditor General in 1996 serving two terms. He ran for governor in 2002 but lost to current governor Ed Rendell in the primary. In 2004 he was elected State Treasurer.

Casey seems to have no sports experience other than coaching a fifth grade basketball team in Philadelphia at one time. I don't think they made the playoffs, but everyone got a trophy for participating.

BSD Says...Major props to Santorum, the Penn State grad. BSD officially endorses Rick Santorum for the US Senate.

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race

Ed Rendell - (D) (incumbent)

Earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1965 and a Juris Doctor from Villanova Law School in 1968. Served in the Army National Guard.

Rendell was elected Mayor of Philadelphia in 1991 after serving as District Attorney. He resigned in 1999 to become Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In 2002 Rendell rode his popularity in Philadelphia to win the Gubernatorial race for Pennsylvania.

Rendell is a long time sports fan. Rendell attended the infamous Bounty Bowl II between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1989. Rumor has it he bet the man sitting next to him $20 he could not reach the field with a snowball from their seats. The man took the bet and won. But his actions led to other fans following suit and Dallas head coach Jimmy Johnson was pelted in the head with snow and ice balls for the remainder of the game. Fortunately, Jimmy's hair was not injured in the melee.

Rendell, or "Fast Eddie" as Pennsylvanians like to call him, has long had issues with gambling. During his first term as governor he delivered on a campaign promise to allow slot machines in Pennsylvania to help feed his gambling habits. His problems have brought much hardship to himself and his family. He hit rock bottom in 2005 when he was forced to wear a New England Patriots jersey and sing the National Anthem before a basketball game between the Philadelphia 76'ers and the Boston Celtics after the Eagles lost the Superbowl. However he did recover and win a bet between himself and Washington Governor Christine Gregorie after the Steelers beat the Seahawks.

Lynn Swann - (R) (challenger)

Swann graduated from Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, California. He went from there to attend the University of Southern California where he majored in football. He went on to earn three Pro Bowl selections in the NFL and win three Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The only election Swann has won was the Hall of Fame voting in 2001.

BSD Says...Swann has brought Pennsylvania a Hall of Famer and three Superbowl rings. What has Fast Eddie done for us? BSD officially endorses Lynn Swann for governor.

Hopefully you find this Black Shoe Diaries election guide helpful when you go to the polls on Tuesday.