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Linebacker U Lives On

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I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to the next great Penn State linebacker. This is my son, Nathan. He just turned two years old. He's currently listed at 2'10" and 32 lbs. His 40 time is somewhere between 15 seconds and five minutes as he easily gets distracted with shiny things. He doesn't sound very big, but he is an entire foot taller than every other kid in his daycare class. He's got the size to play linebacker, and as you can see from the picture he's already got the Paul Posluszny mean streak. So we're grooming him for the job.

Funny story. This past weekend we were watching the Wisconsin game together. Ok, well, I was watching the game while he played with his toys on the floor. In the second quarter with the game tied at 3, Dan Connor sacked John Stocco forcing a fumble. Sean Lee fell on it giving PSU first and ten at the Wisconsin 14 yard line. As I'm known to do when a big play occurs, I got up out of my chair and started jumping up and down and yelling. Nathan thought this looked like a cool game so he abandoned his toys and joined dad in a spontaneous jump fest there in the living room. So there we were both in our Penn State jerseys jumping up and down.

I hadn't sat down yet when Penn State snapped the ball. Morelli drops back to pass, tipped ball into the hands of Wisconsin safety Roderic Rogers. Interception. Dad stops jumping. Dad sits down. Nathan couldn't understand why jump fest was called off. So he grabbed my hand trying to pull me out of the chair.

"No, Nathan. Dad doesn't feel like jumping anymore," I said. But he was persistent and I could tell a temper tantrum was coming on. So I got back up. And after watching Penn State squander a great opportunity we went back to jumping up and down in the living room. Kids are great, but I still need to teach him proper football etiquette.