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Morgan State Bears Open Thread

Penn State (4 ? 2)
Morgan State Bears (0 - 5)

Poll question on the Morgan State Athletics website: ?It?s that season again and in keeping with the holiday spirit, which sport fills you most with that ?Morgan Spirit???

For the record, I chose ?other?. Also for the record, the most popular answer wasn?t basketball. That?s because the Bears only won four games all of last year, and this year isn?t looking much better. Here is how Morgan State?s season has gone so far.

67-86 loss to East Carolina
84-97 loss to American
66-85 loss to Virginia
63-83 loss to Seton Hall
72-86 loss to UMBC

They?ve lost every game by an average of 17 points. They stink.

Now for the part of the preview where I try to say something nice about the team we?re going to play. Um. Well. They should be slightly better than the Washington Generals.

Probable Lineup

Starters Height/Class PPG RPG
Jerrel Green - G 5-10 Jr 3.6 2.0
Joseph McLean - G 6-2 Sr 8.6 2.2
Ronald Timus - F 6-6 Sr 15.4 5.2
Boubaccar Coly - F 6-9 Jr 9.8 6.6
Jamar Smith - G 6-3 Jr 8.8 1.4
Off The Bench
Reggie Holmes - G 6-4 Fr 12.8 0.6
Timothy Berkley - F 6-8 Sr 4.8 0
Karanvir Aujla - G 6-5 Sr 3.8 2.0