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The CFB Awards

Greetings fellow bloggers. The rumors of my death are somewhat exaggerated. My real job that actually pays me money is demanding some crazy hours this week. I promise more posting to come later in the week. Tomorrow we'll have our weekly Blue & White Roundtable with RUTS and TNL. And I'm working on setting up some roundtable and guest blogging appearances with Rocky Top Talk to discuss the upcoming Outback Bowl with the Tennessee Volunteers. So look for that in the coming days and weeks.

Right now I have a special announcement and some homework for everyone. Don't worry, this isn't like five page essay homework. This is actually fun. Go over to over to our friends at Rocky Top Talk to read about the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards. For further history on the CFB Awards, go here. As I mentioned before, BSD completely endorses these awards and I plan to fully participate. I see this as a great opportunity to promote our new type of media to the world.

We're at the stage now where nominations are being made. This is open to everyone, so if you have some nominations, please feel free to make them even if you don't run a blog. I would suggest you make your nominations at Rocky Top Talk, but I suspect if you make them here they will probably be considered. I will be rolling out my nominations over the next few days.

I also need to come up with three of my own posts to nominate for the "I Wanna Talk About Me Free For All". This is difficult for me. I'm very much of the Penn State persona in that I'm not very comfortable talking about myself. Like I've said in the past, sometimes this blog is about as exciting to look at as the Penn State road unis. But I'll try to come up with three of my favorite posts. But I could use some help, so if anyone can recall a favorite post you read here on BSD, please let me know.

Again, if you enjoy reading college football blogs, and since you're still reading this I imagine you do, please participate in the CFB awards and make your nominations and help promote this valuable media we take part in.