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Ed Johnson Dismissed From the Team

Fight On State is reporting Penn State defensive tackle Ed Johnson has been suspended from the team. He is currently not practicing and will not be traveling with the team to the Outback Bowl. The reason for the suspension was the old standby "violation of team rules" which could mean just about anything from missing class to substance abuse to murdering kittens. It's anyone's guess at this point.

Sadly this will end Johnson's troubled Penn State career. He showed so much promise earning the starting role in 2004. Then another violation of team rules forced him to sit out the entire 2005 Big Ten Championship season. He returned this year as a solid player with potential of being drafted into the NFL. But now all of that is in question. It's sad to see a young man waste such a promising future.

Fighting for Johnson's starting job in the Outback Bowl will be Steve Roach, Chris Baker, and true freshman Phillip Taylor.