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Bowl Game Pick 'Em Update

I think we saw more action than Vegas on the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl last night. I managed to watch most of the game. It was put away by TCU pretty early and comfortably over the 13 point spread. But the over/under came down to the wire. TCU decided to call off the dogs with under two minutes to go settling for a final score of 37-7 giving the win to those who bet on the under.

We had 17 different users place 23 wagers on the game. There were some big winners, some big losers, and some people still playing it slow in the early going. One user, fittingly named allatonce, lost everything on the first game. I'm going to work on putting together a fancy standings table, but for today I'm just going to give you the short version so you can get a feel for where everyone stands.

The Big Winners

User Winnings Current Bankroll
Texas Rugby 5000 15,000
Galen 2000 12,000
daddyrat 2000 12,000

The Big Losers

User Losses Current Bankroll
allatonce 10000 0
tomingso 5000 5000
cornnation 3000 7000
joenewby 4040 3000 7000

The next game is the Las Vegas Bowl on December 21. We're all ready starting to see some action on that game so get your bets in!


Here are the total standings after the first game.

User Bankroll Outstanding Bets
Texas Rugby 15000 0
Galen 12000 0
HornsFan 11500 0
gdeveney 11500 0
CW 11500 0
bigbevo76 10650 0
daddyrat 10500 1500
wookieeman 10500 0
the usual suspects 10000 0
WacArnolds 10000 0
riegle9 9000 1000
txmed 9000 0
NitneLiun 8000 0
irishoutsider 7300 0
joenewby 4040 7000 0
cornnation 7000 0
tomingso 5000 0
Card Chronicle 2500 7500