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Bowl Pick 'Em Update

Well another bowl game and another stinker to watch. But we had lots of action last night in the Pick 'Em game. Fourteen users placed 23 wagers on the Las Vegas Bowl.

In some particularly bold bets, GTRice68 picked up $6000. tomingso lost half his stake on the Poinsettia Bowl, but bet everything he had left last night and won to get himself back in the running. Bravo! Hornsfan was the big loser last night dropping $2000 on two bets.

Here are the current standings after two games. Note: Current bankroll is initial stake plus winnings/losses minus any wagers on future games yet decided. The current bankroll tells you how much money you have available to wager.

User Winnings/Losses Current Bankroll Outstanding Bets
GTRice68 6000 10000 6000
Texas Rugby 4000 14000 0
inVINCEable 3000 13000 0
Galen 2000 12000 0
CW 2000 9500 2500
cocknfire 1500 3250 8250
bigbevo76 650 10650 0
wookieeman 500 5500 5000
gdeveney 500 10500 0
daddyrat 500 8000 2500
WacArnolds 500 7500 3000
Card Chronicle 0 2500 7500
tomingso 0 10000 0
the usual suspects 0 10000 0
NitneLiun 0 10000 0
HornsFan -500 9500 0
BevOwned -500 9500 0
ImPennSt -550 9450 0
txmed -1000 9000 0
riegle9 -1000 7500 1500
irishoutsider -2700 7300 0
joenewby 4040 -3000 7000 0
cornnation -3000 7000 0
allatonce -10000 0 0

It's not too late to enter. Everyone gets a $10,000 stake so you can see if you enter now you're right there in it. I think I'm going to cut off new entries at midnight on Dec. 31st to prevent someone from coming in at the last minute and dropping everything on a few games to walk away with it. You can read the rules here, and go here to place your bets.


The spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of all this is a work in progress. I'm going to keep tinkering with it and adding stuff to it. I added a new column to the table to show everyone's winnings (or losses) and sorted the table according to that. I think it gives everyone a better feel for where you stand since the whole bankroll and outstanding bets thing was kind of confusing to figure out who was being aggressive and doing well.