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Bowl Pick 'Em Updated Standings

Here are the current standings up through the Armed Forces Bowl.

First off, major props to Hornsfan for suggesting taking a screen shot of the spreadsheet and pasting it in. Much easier!

Who could have seen Troy beating Rice? reigle9, that's who. He's the only person that put money on the Trojans. And who could have predicted South Florida beating East Carolina? Well, everyone...except for Texas Rugby. He's the only person that put money on the Pirates.

Mike from Card Chronicle has taken the lead with a hefty $7500 bet on South Florida.

Not too late to join. You can read the rules of the contest here and place your bets by leaving a comment here.


Found a slight glitch in the speadsheet. Bets from the armed forces bowl were still being recorded as pending bets. Problem has been fixed. Everything should be correct now. Let me know if anything looks off.