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Late Nite Quick Hits

I'm getting tons of google hits so I better address this. Yes, Austin Scott was sent home from the Outback Bowl and is not with the team. Not a huge loss since he is redshirting this year. The question is what did he do and how will this affect 2007? Lots of rumors floating around, but the most credible to me revolves around Scott reporting to Tampa late. Spencer Ridenhour also did not make the trip with the team for unknown reasons. Again, not a huge loss since he is a backup player.

There have been a few Black Shoe Diaries cameo appearances on the web. Ron Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars nominated your humble blogger for Best New Blog saying the following.

Black Shoe Diaries- Representative of the Penn State fan base in its devotion, but also coherent and logical, which isn't.

Rocky Top Talk nominated BSD for Best Big Ten Blog.

I'm also going to nominate Black Shoe Diaries, who to be honest, I didn't realize was so good until the Vols got matched up Penn State for this year's Outback Bowl.

I'm truly humbled that people think highly enough of my little tube of the internets to keep coming back every day. I'm even more humbled that my fellow bloggers think my little tube is worthy of some recognition. Although I don't think BSD stands a chance to win anything, I'm honored just to be nominated.

As if I don't have enough work to do here, I've been doing some guest blogging out on the internets. Check out Rocky Top Talk, where I previewed the Penn State offense and defense for Volunteer fans.

Then go check out where I provided an Outback Bowl Preview. Check out the commenter who claims it takes him an hour and a half to read the nine paragraph article calling me an "idiot".

Here are the current standings for the Bowl Pick 'Em game through the Emerald Bowl.