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Outback Roundtable #3

Ok, so Corn From a Jar wants to do another one of these Outback roundtable things. He wants to take the off the gloves this time, so let's talk some trash.

Up to now, we've all been pretty civil about our concerns around this game. Now that Christmas is behind us and it's actually game week, it's time to take the gloves off and talk some smack. Tell everybody why your offense is going to light up the scoreboard against those weak-ass defenders from Knoxville.

Talk smack? About the Penn State offense? Umm...ok. We got Jay Paterno, bitches! Anthony Morelli is going to light you up!

Oh hell. I can't do it. There is nothing exciting about Penn State's offense. It's as vanilla as their road uniforms. But I do think they will do just fine against Tennessee's defense. Tennessee is weak against the run, and that is the one thing Penn State can do well. Tony Hunt will churn out 4 and 5 yard runs all day. That will open up the play action allowing Morelli, DWill, Butler, and Quarless to have some success. Penn State should be able to put up at least 21 points.

On the other side of the ball, let everybody know how your defense is going to beat all manner of hell out of the Tennessee offense. Special teams smack is encouraged, too.

Ah Hell Yeah! Now we're talkin'! Ainge-in-Orange says our defense isn't very athletic. Maybe our defensive linemen can't run as fast as the ones he saw in the SEC, but they don't have to. Penn State's defensive linemen don't run around their opponent, they run through them. They are tough and nasty. They don't give ground. They eat blockers for breakfast and leave the running backs for the linebackers to devour for lunch. Tennessee will have no running game.

Dear Mr. Ainge, please throw toward Justin King's man. Every team that has tried it so far, and there haven't been many, has had bad things happen. But I'm sure you can have great success. You're Ainge-in-Orange. Just try it. Once. Please. All the kids are doing it.

If you don't have the balls to throw at King, throw it toward Anthony Scirrotto. He's a slow white kid wearing the #7 jersey. That's right. Surely Meachem and Swain can beat him. Pay no attention to the fact Scirrotto led the Big Ten in interceptions this year. Go ahead and try him.

Just three more guys I want to introduce you to. Their names are Posluszny, Connor, and Lee. You can call them Pain, Anger, and Death. When you go under center for your first snap of the game you'll probably snicker at the three slow looking linebackers. By the end of the game you'll be asking yourself, "Dear God, which one is blitzing this time?"

Ultimately, what we've been working towards here: a prediction. Score at least, but other specific visions of carnage are welcome, too. Loser buys the steak.

Alright. First some personal stats. We can laugh at these on Tuesday.

Tony Hunt gets 27 carries for 145 yards and 2 TD
Anthony Morelli throws 17-for-32, 160 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
Ainge goes 25-of-40, 250 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
Tennessee gets less than 75 yards rushing
Penn State gets 5 sacks

Final Score

UT  17
PSU 24