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Outback Bowl Bulletin Board Material

It's been six weeks since Penn State laced up against Michigan State. I'm sure you're just as pumped to see our beloved Nittany Lions take the field one last time before the long wait until next season. Just in case you need a little more motivation to shake off the New Years Eve hangover in time to see Penn State and Tennessee get it on at 11 AM tomorrow, here is some bulletin board material from the Volunteer side to get your blood boiling.

"Penn State's defense is not as athletic as some of the defenses we've seen this year."

-Tennessee Quarterback Erik Ainge

"Penn State is a solid defense, let's make no mistake about that, but the Lions appear to be more suited to stopping an 'in your face', smash-mouth foe, than the sort of speed they'll face in Tampa, especially on the perimeter." (Tennessee board)

"I'm sure Conner and Pouslouzy (sp) are good athletes but I just don't see them running down Coker to the outside."

"...I think (Tennessee will) win this game, or (Tennessee) should win it by 10+ if we're going on a whole talent vs. talent level..."

"It might be my SEC bias shining through but I think (South Carolina) could beat Penn State and from all the stats and what I've seen and heard Penn State will be the 7th best team (Tennessee has) faced this year..."

-The 8th Maxim

"Now there is still probably a coaching gap that exists in Penn State's favor, but it won't be enough to overcome the talent difference. Tennessee is just a better team now."

-AOL Tennessee Fanhouse

"Like it or not you just have to admit that this year 1) the SEC is a far superior conference from top to bottum (SIC) than the big 10 and 2) the nittany lions just have not been a very good team this year, and that isn't going to change between november and now ...... final score vols 20 PSU 9"

-Self-professed "diehard Nittany Lion fan" on a Penn State message board

There you have it, Lion fans. Plenty of people doubting our team. Let's hope JoePa and the boys give them a big dish of crow tomorrow.