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Outback Bowl Open Thread

Finally, the six week wait for Penn State football is over. After this the eight month wait for Penn State football begins, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Sure, 8-4 isn't what we expected coming off an 11-1 season in 2005. But considering the amount of talent we lost, a New Years Day bowl game ain't so bad. A win against Tennessee would be nice, but realistically I don't think it matters. 2006 was a rebuilding year. Penn State has always built national contenders as three year projects. This is year one. Here's what I'm looking for today.

Can Morelli play a sound game? That means no turnovers. Good decisions. And a few big plays.

Can Justin King contain Robert Meachem? If he can he has arrived as a shutdown corner.

How will the younger players on the defensive line play? Guys like Maurice Evans, Phillip Taylor, Jared Odrick, and Tom McEowen are the future of the program. With Ed Johnson out these guys should see more playing time.

Will anyone step up and claim the inside track toward one of the spots about to be vacated on the offensive line? Levi Brown, Robert Price, and Chris Auletta are all done after this game, and John Shaw is rumored not to be returning either.

A win would be great. Especially since Bobby Bowden picked up another win on JoePa the other day, but in the big picture of the program, these things are more important to me. Here's your open thread.