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Friday Quick Hits

Here are some quick hits for your Friday morning.

Joe Paterno held an Outback Bowl preview press conference yesterday. The firey Italian we all know and love is looking noticeably older these days. He had to be wheeled into the press conference in a wheelchair. When flash bulbs started going off he requested no pictures. His trademark jet black hair has a little more salt than pepper these days. And for the first time I can ever remember, Joe gave the press conference sans suit and tie. Wearing an argyle sweater he looked more like the grandfather of 14 rather than a football coaching icon. When he started talking with excitement about using his walker for the first time this week, I couldn't help but think maybe it's time to hang it up and retire while he still has some dignity left.

Moving on. Head over to The 8th Maxim, a Tennessee blogger. He's breaking down the Penn State rushing and passing attacks by the numbers. Good stuff, but I hope the Tennessee coaches overlook #10 as much as their bloggers do.

For those of you taking part in the Bowl Game Pick 'Em, make sure you go check out Roll 'Bama Roll, SBNation's Alabama blogger. He will be previewing all of the college bowl games this year from the Poinsettia Bowl to the BCS Championship game.

If you're a Big Ten basketball junkie or just a college basketball junkie in general, you should be reading Big Ten Wonk on a daily basis.

Galen has the scoop on the Miami head coaching search.

Paul Posluszny won his second consecutive Bednarik Award on ESPN last night.

Update: Almost forgot. Carolina March, SBNation's North Carolina Tar Hell blog, is organizing a mock college football playoff where bloggers are assigned a game and asked to descibe the outcome. The goal is to demonstrate how exciting a football playoff would be for those who refuse to admit the BCS is F'd up. Your humble blogger will be participating so keep an eye out for that.