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The Big Ten Better Watch Out

Interesting article in the Centre Daily Times about Paterno looking at different players for filling in the depth chart.  I want to draw your attention to one particular paragraph:

"I think we have a tough job ahead of us," he said. "We have to be careful we don't ask these guys to do as much as we did last year until they feel comfortable. ... When we get to that point, with the kind of speed we have, I think we'll be a very good football team."

The key phrase there is "I think we'll be a very good football team."  Fortunately for you guys, I speak Paternese.  Paterno has a knack for making Penn State fans roll their eyes by talking up teams like Temple and Rutgers as if they were BCS contenders.  On the flip side, he's always cautious about complimenting his own team.  During the down years, he was never shy about using phrases like "we have a lot of work to do" and "we're not very good right now."  Even in decent years like 2002 you heard phrases like "we're not where we want to be right now".  It is very unlike JoePa to suggest they are going to be "very good."  Penn State fans can take this as a good omen.  For everyone else in the Big Ten, heed Joe's words.  Penn State is a team not to be taken lightly this year.