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2006 Football Roster

Ok Penn State fans, how many times have you been sitting in the stands at the first game of the year noticing some kid fly all over the field having no idea what his name is?  One of the annoying things about having no names on the jerseys is it takes a game or two before the casual fan figures out which numbers each player is wearing.  Don't sound like an idiot when you stand up at the Akron game and yell, "Number 37 couldn't cover my grandmother!"  Don't look stupid wearing your Justin King #7 jersey because you didn't know he changed his jersey to #1 this year.  You're not fooling anyone anyway.  We all know you bought that jersey when Zack Mills was wearing it.  To avoid these Nittany faux pas print out the 2006 football roster and take it in the game with you.  

JoePa asks: Who the heck are these guys?

You'll be the toast of your section when other people like you that were too cheap to buy a program are yelling "Number 12 sucks!" and you calmly inform them that's A.J. Wallace and he's going to be lighting up the Big Ten for the next four years to come.  Then you can tell the guy in his recycled #32 Ki-Jana Carter Jersey to sit his ass down cuz Brent Carter isn't going to see the field anytime soon.