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A Look At Levi Brown

ESPN ran a spotlight piece on Levi Brown today that is well worth the read.

Levi started out on defense and was reluctant to make the switch to offense.  He gives the following reason:

"I personally like to hit people," Brown said. "My preconception about offense was you couldn't really go out and hit a person.

"Everything was so tamed down, more controlled, whatever. After being over there and seeing you can go and just take off and fire into a guy -- you just have to be leveraged and have your hands inside [or get called for holding], I started to enjoy it. I realized I could just try to dominate a guy, flatten a guy.

What does Levi have on his iPod?

I tend to listen to oldies-type music, music that my parents would listen to, [like] Luther Vandross.

Ok, so maybe Levi isn't so hip with the ladies. Though he does bear a striking resemblance to Chef.

So what does an All American left tackle like to do in his spare time? Playstation, Xbox, bowling and...paintball?

"Paintball was the greatest time I've had in a long time," Brown said. "I'm definitely going to do it again. People were saying it was supposed to hurt, that paintballs would break your skin. But from the range people were shooting, hiding behind trees, it wasn't like they were getting a direct hit on you. It felt like somebody was pushing you. It didn't really hurt. More like a pinch than it was sudden pain."

If you saw this man hiding in the woods behind a tree, would you shoot him in a place it might hurt?

How could you miss a target like this?