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PSU Trivia

The Nittany Turkey ran an interesting trivia question the other day. I thought I might throw it out there for the group. He confessed he didn't know the answer. I don't either, but I ventured a guess over on his site. You can go there if you want to see my guess and ruin the fun. Anyway, Penn State fans are aware of the statue of Joe Paterno outside of Beaver Stadium that was dedicated a few years ago. It looks like this:

Behind Paterno there are four football players shown on the wall like so:

The players have numbers on them as follows:

#82 #22 #43 #86

Anyone care to guess who these players are? I think I made a pretty good guess. If you want to cheat and see my guess, go to The Nittany Turkey. But I would appreciate it if you venture your guess first.