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Quick Hits

Here are some quick hits from around the local Pennsylvania newspapers today.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a nice piece on Penn State's talented trio of wide receivers.

"We know how good we can be," Butler said. "The biggest thing is we want to get better. We're not content with what we did last year. Everyone tells us we're pretty good, and we see that we're pretty good. But we've also watched videotape and saw how much we messed up last year. We know what we're capable of now."

The Post-Gazette also ran a piece talking about Justin King's switch to full time defense.

"I showed that I had the potential last year," King said. "I feel like I'm really ready to make a mark this year."

Bradley believes King is capable of living up to the hype, and said his presence on the field and in meetings is making things a lot smoother.

The Altoona Mirror talks about our concerns on the offensive line.

"I'm pleased where we are," (Levi) Brown said. "Guys are struggling with the plays, but I expect that right now. Even though they are struggling with the plays, they're going out there and being aggressive. I'm excited."

Shipley is itching to answer the doubters, too.

"Every year it seems like there are question marks about the offensive line," Shipley said. "We just need to gel. Get some timing down. I feel we can. We'll go through our battle scars early on. But, I think, eventually, we'll become pretty solid."

Finally, the Reading Eagle reports Nolan McCready is ready to start at Hero.

"I see myself as the No. 1, and it's mine to lose,? McCready said on the eve of Penn State's preseason practice. ?I have no intentions of letting anybody else get that position. I've been working too hard and waiting too long to let it slip through my fingers.?

I can't wait to start playing some football.