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Battle for No. 2

When Michael Robinson walked off the field of the Orange Bowl last season, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Anthony Morelli was going to be the starting quarterback going into 2006. Who was going to be his backup was anyone's guess. Today we are almost a week from the opener and we still don't know. The Centre Daily times reports the battle for number two is becoming a dogfight.

Paul Cianciolo is the only one who saw a snap last season when he was put in for mop up duty against Cincinnati. He reportedly had a good spring even though he looked terrible in the spring game. He seemed to be holding onto the ball too long and forcing his throws going 6-17 for 97 yards and a TD.

Kevin Suhey looked fantastic in the spring game going 9-14 for 103 yards. He looked relaxed and in charge.

One player making an impression and moving up the depth chart is Daryll Clark. He's behind the other two because he had to sit out spring practice due to some off the field troubles. But he is drawing comparisons to Michael Robinson in his ability to scramble and make things happen.

If Morelli gets hurt, it's going to be interesting to see who comes off the sidelines. I would expect the coaches to play quarterback by committee as they did with Zack Mills and Michael Robinson a few years ago.

Hey coach! I'm unstoppable in this red jersey!