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Friday Freak Poll - Freshmen Edition

The results are in and with 95% of the precincts reporting, you the fans believe A.J. Wallace is going to make the biggest impact of the freshmen this year. Wallace won 14 of 34 votes for 41%.

The coaches have let on that they intend to use Wallace much like Justin King was used last year. He is projected to line up at wide receiver and running back on offense and may see some time at nickel on defense.

Coming in second and third with nine votes was Jared Odrick and Maurice Evans with seven votes. These two are hoping to get some playing time in replace of Tamba Hali, Mathew Rice, and Scott Paxson who all graduated last year.

Sneaking in with four votes, including mine, was Andrew Quarless. The lack of receiving skill at tight end makes me believe Quarless has a great shot of making his way on the field in third down passing situations. I really expect him to be the starter by the end of the year. The receiving skill is there. He has to learn the blocking schemes.

I was surprised Tom McEowen didn't get any votes. I thought about voting for him myself which is why I put him on the list. McEowen dominated the practice sessions at the Big 33 game this year. I heard so many good things about him I expect him to also push for some playing time on the defensive line.

Thanks for those of you who voted. New poll is up. How far is Penn State going this year?